We are committed to eradicate caste bias, communalism corruption, unemployment and poverty from the roots.

To open a mobile school for children of non-unionized labors so that they may avail education at their convenient venue.

To restart the E-Rickshaw service in Delhi legally and curb pollution. Also to arrange for interest free loan towards purchase of these rickshaws.

To create special schemes within legislative assembly to listen to the problems and provide appropriate solutions once in every three days.

To encourage and promote E Rickshaws through exclusive insurance policies.

To create employment opportunities for all Purvanchali citizens residing in Delhi.

Provision for free food and medicine for the pregnant women of the backward classes.

To provide for purified water, propersanitation, electricity, gas, education and medical.

To bring legal status and authorization to all the unauthorized colonies of Delhi and provision of all basic facilities within the same.

To provide for purified water, propersanitation, electricity, gas, education and medical facilities to all slums and backward colonies at concessional rates.

Make proper arrangements for resettlement of residents before removal of unauthorized colonies.

Commitment towards making Delhi a cleaner, greener and pollution free city.

Ensure smooth supply of materials directly through the production house to reduce effective cost thus making procurement cheaper for the residents

To create affordable housing opportunities for all citizens inclusive of Purvanchali residents both for purchase and rents.

To promote the welfare, education, employment and security of women and create favorable judicial system and social administration for them.

Provision of free transit in the Delhi metro railways for senior citizens, physically challenged and disabled persons.

To create new transportation facilities and strengthen and upgrade existing ones.

To see that Delhi becomes an independent entity and to bring the Delhi police under strict state administrationand control.

We are committed towards giving priority in provision of all kinds of services to the Purvanchali residents of Delhi.

To strengthen the rental laws and legal system and also arrange for valid proofs and certificate for the residents of Delhi.

Connecting the entire state of Delhi with free Wi-Fi enhancing better communication.