It is a known fact that since the be beginning of time, Purvanchal has been an integral part of India India is known for its diversity, rich culture and the strength in the acceptance of this as our lifestyle. Even though Purvanchal has had an iconic history and its cultural contribution not only to India blut also to the whole world, it stays as one of the most under developed area in our country full of its richness. Purvanchali have struggled for ages and still are and mostly they are being used as a resource by various industries, political parties and other organisations but they don’t get the deserved respect or recognition in today’s world.

Just like the lush green grass an open land early in the morning, the rising sun turns every drop of dew to a field of gold, our vision is to give it back to the Purvanchali brothers and sisters that field of gold that they can yield from their sun that shines upon them. Purvanchal Mahapanchayat Party has a dream to bring that golden glow in the lives of every Purvanchali and everybody else around with its commitment and dedication that it has shown for last 10 years, even before it was turned into a political party.

Speaking of Purvanchalis, we don’t need a mirror to see what we can see with our own eyes, (haath kangan ko arsi kya), we have contributed to the cause of this nation and organisations for years but never got the desired recognition or growth as much as we should have. We hear a lot of people come and go and tell us a lot about how they are going to improve our lives but they don’t even end up putting a dent in our current situation. It is time that we must stand together and unite for our own good and the good of our community as we have done for centuries.